here i will show how to put the CC:T logo (https://tweaked.cc/pack.png) on a spinning cube

the graphics module

using proper image format

for pngs and other full color images, right now C3D supports the .ppm format. to get this format you can put your image into gimp and export it as a .ppm file natively. Make sure to NOT use ascii version.

other supported formats are: .ppm .cimg2 (crappy image 2) .nfp (Nitrogen fingers paint)

local cube = c3d.geometry.cube_simple()

function c3d.load()
    cube:add_param("texture",c3d.graphics.load_texture("cct.ppm")) -- loads the texture and adds the texture flag to the cube
    cube = cube:push():reposition(0,0,1) -- pushes the cube to the scene and saves the scene object, also repositions it to the front of the camear

function c3d.update()
    cube:set_rotation(0,1,0,os.epoch("utc")/10) -- spins the cube along the y axis