there are several flags you can asign to your geometry, here is a list of them

Type Description Showcase
color The color of this object :add_param("color",
texture The texture to put on this object :add_param(c3d.load_texture("test.ppm"))
invert_culling Inverts the backface culling on this object :add_param("invert_culling",true
disable_culling Disable face culling on this object :add_param("disable_culling",true)
instantiate_fragment Allocates a new table for every fragment shader data piece :add_param("instantiate_fragment",true)
pixel_size The pixel size to render this object with :add_param("pixel_size",2)
z_layer Allows you to force a depth value for all pixels within the geometry :add_param("z_layer",-math.huge)


local cube = c3d.geometry.cube_simple()

function c3d.update()