This lists the fields that the internals of the engine use for storing triangles. You can modify and read these from within shaders. And just read from elsewhere using things like the @

name type description
[1] vertex The first vertex of the triangle.
[2] vertex The second vertex of the triangle.
[3] vertex The third vertex of the triangle.
"index" number The index of the triangle. defined in the mesh.
"fg" function The fragment shader used for this triangle. By default inherited from the parent object.
"object" scene_object Pointer to the scene object that this triangle belongs to.
"texture" texture Pointer to the texture that this triangle will use when being rasterized.
"pixel_size" number The pixel size to render this triangle width
"z_layer" number Allows you to force a depth value for this triangle
"orig1" vertex The original vertex 1
"orig2" vertex The original vertex 2
"orig3" vertex The original vertex 3